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Non - Surgical hair replacement

Hair replacement

The density of the donor area has to be good and if the person is losing hair all around

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Non - Surgical hair replacement

Non Surgical
Hair replacement

A Perfect Hair Piece Most Flexible Based on artistic & scientific concept of Form-Shape-Design

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Customised Wigs

Customised Wigs $
Hair Extensions

We at Marchers are working for the benefit of millions of people like you to serge ahead in life...

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Hair Loss Solutions !!

So what is the solution to the hair loss ?

As discussed earlier, so far medical solutions to the hair loss problem are non existent and even if there are a few they are with limited degree of success. However there are cosmetic solutions available to the person loosing hair male or female for whatever reason :

1. Surgical
2. Non - Surgical

Surgical : In surgical solution the hair are planted in the balding area from the healthy donor area. Surgical process has its own limitation. First of all, the density of the donor area has to be good and if the person is losing hair all around, the donor area density is also affected. And if the hair follicles are taken from the donor area to the balding area then the density of the donor area is further reduced, thereby not giving the desired results. Secondly, since surgery is involved, not more than 40 to 50 hair follicles can be transplanted at one go and also the new hair grows straight and not at the desired angle or direction thus giving an impression of hair growing like bristles of a toothbrush. Thirdly, the surgical marks are always visible. Fourthly, the success rate is not up to the desired level and a number of sittings are required to get some density. This way the process is quite lengthy and not very successful either. It involves lot of time, money and energy.

Non - Surgical : custom wigs There are number of options available now a days to cover the baldness. In good old days, wig was the only solution but today, wig is required only if a person does not have a single hair on his scalp. A small wig let, extension or toupee can be made to cover the balding area or increase the density and attach them permanently. Marchers is an organization, which has done pioneering service in this field. Over the last 12 years of their existence we have come out with number of solutions based on the scientific concept or FORM, SHAPE AND DESIGN . Marchers non-surgical hair replacement systems are custom designed. As every head size is different in shape and size and scalp contours are different, a template is made of the bald area and with the help of this template, a replica of the balding area is made in a polyurethane block. Now with the help of this block a unit is designed keeping in mind the density required, the type of existing hair, the texture, the colour, the length of the hair needed etc. the hair is ventilated into the unit exactly matching the person's own for whom the unit is being designed, thereby giving it absolutely natural look. The hair used in these units is 100% naturally human hair duly processed, cleaned and polymerized and made hygienically safe to wear.

Marchers also specialize in customized wigs for chemotherapy patients or who have lost hair because of some biological reasons or because of any specialized treatment requiring special drugs. A wig to be worn by such patients has to be ultra light, breathable and hygienically clean for the sensitive skin. While designing a unit it is very important to know the life style of the person who is to wear the unit.

Once the unit is ready it is placed on the bald area and for placing, there are number of techniques which can vary from person to person keeping in mind the tensile strength of the existing hair, the life style of the person, etc. There are number of systems, which can be followed :

1. Weaving
2. Clipping
3. In Taping
4. Spot Weaving
5. Silicon Bonding

Weaving : It is the oldest technique and was prevalent 10 to 15 years ago. In this, a corn row braid in U shape around the balding area is made and a unit is attached or sewn with this braid. The disadvantages of this type of system are constant pulling of hair leading to headache and traction alopecia, thereby increasing the balding area. It is also easily detectable and chances are that people would come to know of this attachment.

Clipping In : In this system, a special kind of clips are attached with the unit and when the unit is placed on top of the balding area these clips grip the healthy hairline and the unit merges with the existing hair. It is a very simple and easy to maintain but there are certain limitations. It is a temporary system and there is constant fear that the unit may fall. A person doing outdoor jobs and socially active person should not use this kind of system. In this system the unit is made of bigger size than actually needed to hide the bald portion.

Taping In : This is very much similar to the clipping in system and the only difference is, instead of clips we are using double sided tapes to stick to the bald area. It has the same kind of limitations and also there can be chances that the wearer's skin is allergic to double sided tape.

Spot Weaving : This is very much similar to weaving, the only difference being that instead of full braid the sewing is done at number of places leaving a gap of around 1 centimeter. Again this system does not provide 100% natural look.

Silicon Bonding : This is Marchers specialized technique and followed world over. In this the silicon's known adhesive capabilities are utilized and the unit is attached with the existing hairline on the periphery of the bald area. In this, any style can be given. Now the wearer can swim, shower, shampoo, play etc. Nothing will happen to the unit and the person combs and styles his/her hair as he/she does to his/her own hair. No body can make out that one is wearing a unit, which is not his/her own. There is no fear of it falling and even if somebody pulls it the unit will remain there only. It is proving to be a boon to the bald area and over 10000 happy customers have benefited from this technique and is being followed by Marchers only in this part of the world. Marchers are also running a training institute where it trains the cosmetologists, the skin specialists and aesthetic surgeons in the area of unit making and its fixation. It also provides complete infrastructure support needed and all the equipment necessary for practicing this art.