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Non - Surgical hair replacement

Hair replacement

The density of the donor area has to be good and if the person is losing hair all around

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Non - Surgical hair replacement

Non Surgical
Hair replacement

A Perfect Hair Piece Most Flexible Based on artistic & scientific concept of Form-Shape-Design

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Customised Wigs

Customised Wigs $
Hair Extensions

We at Marchers are working for the benefit of millions of people like you to serge ahead in life...

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Ask For consultation

Ask For

We stand tall with our strength, the strength is the confidence reposed in us by thousands of clients...

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Wigs !!

A Perfect Hair Wig Most Flexible Based on artistic & scientific concept of Form - Shape - Design We Treat Your Head From Our Heart

We at Marchers are working for the benefit of millions of people like you to serge ahead in life without any physical and mental trauma about hair loss. We have already helped thousands of chemotherapy patients gain a fresh confidence and glory for more than a decade.

Backed by the world's finest craftmen and professionals, Marchers Hair Replacement Institute, can boast to be the only one of its kind in India.

We present some of the salient feature of wigs crafted specially to show our humble efforts towards building a confident personality.

Don't Go For Gimmicks and Other Options

We have Scientific Approach retain your crowning glory

  • Why compromise your appearance.
  • Custom made hair wigs To give Look & Feel of healthy head of hair.
  • Finest materials & workmanship are incorporated by the best ventilators in each and every wig.
  • Flexibility with 360 o styling ability and regular stock body movement.
  • Double knot & chinese knot ventilation for extra bounce, natural appearance and security.
  • Hand tied, strongest knot, small in appearance yet will remain tight.
  • Regular to large cap size, designed for women experiencing significant hair loss.
  • 22``long human hair with multidirectional knotting for styling versatility.
  • Circumference 19-22``
  • Cut aways optional
  • Durability due to breathable American mono filament.
  • Rugged mono filament allow water to flow through and rinse scalp clean.
  • Tape table in any size, shape and placement.
  • Single layer or double layer mesh can be used.
  • 100% human hair (Processed & hyginically safe)


We hope this information will help you cope better with the expected hair loss during therapy. Perhaps this prayer can give you additional comfort..

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot
change, courage to change the things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the different."