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We call ourselves Marchers, because we constantly strive to restore the confidence and liveliness in our clients. At Marchers, we reinstate the diminishing hair density and decreasing hairline of our customers. Irrespective of the kind of hair loss, we work with our clients and ensure that they find a new image and invigorated self-esteem.

Marchers are one of the biggest hair treatment centers that provides surgical and non-surgical hair solutions. We at Marchers treat hair loss by employing the scientific concept of “FORM-SHAPE-DESIGN”. Every customer is given individual attention and cases are thoroughly evaluated to provide customized treatment. Marchers apply an advance and intricate technique to produce prosthesis (or hair piece) to ensure that the hair material closely matches the original hair of respective customer.

Marchers deals with male pattern baldness as well as female pattern baldness proficiently. Female pattern baldness is primarily characterized with thinning of hair and scarce hair on the scalp. This can be efficiently handled with hair pieces that can be clipped or glued on the balding area, imparting a natural look to the ladies.

We take pride in being one of the leading hair treatment centers, not only in India but many other countries. With employment of advanced treatment techniques and sophisticated technology we ensure to cope with the progresses in the medical industry, pertaining to the field of hair restoration.

May it be FUT or FUE, you find inclusive hair treatment at Marchers. As a step towards human welfare, we work on cost basis with our customers who lose hair due to major illnesses, medicinal therapies or burns. In such cases mostly non-surgical treatment is suggested. Our adeptly designed prosthesis restores looks and confidence to hair loss affected individuals.


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Our team of experts is highly skilled and experienced in providing top-quality non-surgical hair replacement solutions to meet each individual's unique needs, ensuring a seamless and natural look every time



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